Growing up, I always was mesmerized by sparkling gemstones and metals and I often incorporate something illuminating into my designs. Whether or not I intricately plan a jewelry piece in advance of producing it or just spontaneously fabricate one as I go along, the result is inevitably something that is unique with a contemporary flair that complements, rather than overwhelms, a wearer. When designing jewelry or other metal work, I always think about whether I would wear it, use it, and/or display it. Anyone who knows me sees a reflection of me in what I design.

In addition to participating in art shows, sales, and doing commission work, I love providing instruction in jewelry design and metal fabrication. My work is available in my online store as well as in these galleries and stores: 13Forest (Arlington, MA), Alchemy 9.2.5. (Belmont,MA), Gallery Mozelle (Deer Isle, ME), Five Crows Gallery (Natick, MA), Soluna Garden Farm (Winchester, MA), W Gallery(Cleveland, OH)