Etching is a process whereby any metal that is not protected with a resist is etched away in an acid bath or by an electrolytic process with  appropriate chemicals resulting in a dimensional piece with the resist's pattern raised.  The possibilities are endless and through a photo-etching process, I can etch any graphic or text, too.
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Peace and Love post  3/4 hoop earrings. Etched with raised lettering on inside and outside of the sterling silver hoops. Earrings are opposites. Black patina in recesses to highlight the words.
Etched deco rectangle earring dangle. Oxidized silver with 18k gold in recessed pattern. Black and gold earrings.
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Etched silver earrings with curved patterns.  24k royal yellow gold  gold top. 18k royal yellow gold settings with  round purple amethysts at bottom of earrings.
Rectangular lustrous periwinkle blue chalcedony set on sterling silver and black patina art deco pattern ring band.  US Size 6.75
Lustrous grey pearls are suspended from an etched flat piece of long silver. Post earrings with circle patterns.  OOAK pearl earrings.
Etched Sterling silver ring with organic pattern.  Black patina is in the recesses.  US Size 7.
Slightly flared etched sterling silver ring with an eternity of mama etched around the band.  Patina highlights the mama.  Made to order.