I design and fabricate jewelry and other metal objects primarily in precious metals, precious gems and unique lapidary, and with an unlimited color palette of resin inlay. 

Clean. Crisp. Geometric. Architectural. Subtle Elegance. Small Scale.

Illuminating. Textural. Color Added.  No Color Added. Collections. Singles.

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Up and down flower pieces are situated on both sides of cool, chunky open top ringS. Sterling silver is inlaid with vibrant pigmented resin and sanded down flush with the sterling flower tops. This type of ring is very comfortable and can be adjusted a bit to be worn on different fingers.


Color. Color. Color. Color. Cool!  After fabricating sterling silver pieces with receptacles, either with a solid backing or open, pigmented resin is added to them.  The color possibilities are endless and the matte finish that I often use gives a crisp modern look to the geometric jewelry.  The pigments used include, but are not limited to spices, pastels, eye shadow, paint powder, and sand. See Store for full selection.

Twinkle Rings

Each 3-band twinkle ring with tube set gemstone is fabricated individually. No two are alike.  Constructed of strong 14k hammered gold, these twinkle rings are so light and airy that you don't feel them when wearing them. Choose one from the shop or have one custom made in your size and your choice of gemstone. 


Gemstones and unique lapidary call for unique settings and pieces.  All of these fine contemporary rings, necklaces, and bracelets are designed and fabricated specifically to showcase the stones and lustrous precious metals.  A key feature that completes many of my pieces are the complementary shapes of components, including stones, pattern, links, clasps, and settings.  See Store for full selection.


The hammered link line of jewelry is so versatile.  Every link is individually fabricated and hammered before the full fabrication of the jewelry. Although time-consuming, the result is always a one of a kind piece.


Sterling silver and Resin Inlay olive drink picks for your martini--or use to serve olives at a cocktail party.  


I designed and fabricated each of these rings, necklaces, and earrings through a thoughtful and detailed process with clients.  Many include stones from family jewelry, holding even more special meaning to them.  For some process images and for more information on how to commission a piece, Head to Custom Work.

Virtual Teaching Resin Inlay

Virtual Teaching Resin Inlay

I'm now teaching Resin Inlay virtually.  Take a look at the set up and what can be done at a makeshift studio spot (my kitchen!), with a laptop and a cellphone.  And a lot of other "stuff"!!
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