JEWELRY:   Whether you have stones, old jewelry, or a keepsake piece--or not, I will work with you to make something new through a design and fabrication process resulting in a custom piece. Engagement rings, wedding bands, graduation presents, and" just because" items are all possibilities.  

Working with you to design a piece specifically for you that is unique and meaningful, is particularly meaningful to me, as well. From an initial design consultation, I'll help turn ideas into a series of sketches, narrow down your vision, and make the custom piece .

Custom work takes time!  Although certain pieces might be "doable" in a very short timeframe, please note that most, such as engagement rings, future heirloom pieces, and the like, generally require a 1-2 month lead time, depending on their complexity.

 If you have any questions or are interested in commissioning a piece, feel free to contact me.  All custom work will be handled with a separate contract. 

Shown below are some custom pieces with a few process shots starting from some clients' old jewelry.

DRINK PICKS:  I can design and fabricate drink picks for your favorite cocktail, for your groomsmen and bridesmaids, and for housewarming and other gifts, as well.  They are fabricated our of sterling so are safe for drinks.  





ETCHED DESIGNS:  Etching is a process whereby metal is "eaten away" from any area that is not protected by a resist.  I etch using either of two processes depending on the piece.  One is an acid-like bath in which the piece's surface to be etched is submerged.  The other is through an electrolytic process in which the entire piece is submerged in a solution into which an electrical charge  is introduced.

If you are interested in having something etched, please contact me to discuss your ideas and options.  Exact text and/or images are used to create the etched metal pieces.  I will work with you to get the graphics and images that you have.  Invitations, expressions, announcements, logos are all possibilities.   I could also create these for you, depending on what you have in mind.

Shown below are some examples.  Framed and Book Plate Wedding Invitations.  Journal and Scrapbook Plates. Jewelry. Special Occasions. Baby Announcements. MamaMamaMama. Text/Handwriting/Photo.



 Etched Journal and Scrapbook Cover Plates


Etched Special Occasions and Book Cover Plates




Please contact me to commission a custom piece.